Wisdom Tooth Removal & What You Need To Do.

Research has shown or maybe this is just a popular opinion that going to the dentist is the scariest experience ever. Regardless of age no one ever happily anticipates a trip to the dentist’s office. In some cases, you might not even have any major or minor issues with your teeth but that monthly checkup remains as daunting as ever.  But there is nothing wrong with that so do not beat yourself over it. Probably a whole big chunk of the world population feels the same way. However still, dental care is extremely important and if you are within the Chatswood area and looking for any dental treatment, a simple teeth whitening procedure or a more complex wisdom tooth removal in Sydney, Sydney Smiles Dental has got your back. 


Sydney Smiles Dental is a neighbourhood dentist clinic in the Chatswood area that offers multiple dental care procedures and services that are most importantly very budget-friendly. They make use of the most conventional methods of treatments where they promise to use cutting edge technology and the most advanced and updated equipment to perform these ultra-modern procedures. The benefit of using modern and updated equipment is very obvious such as: 

  • They often allow for a pain-free treatment (due to their accuracy and speed) 
  • They have an unnaturally higher accuracy rate 
  • They are more precise and faster thus being overall more efficient 

This use and ownership of the most modern equipment are only possible because the team of dentists at Sydney Smiles Dental is highly skilled and experienced. Their team of dentists have practical knowledge in their field and have the right amount of experience in their craft. And with this surety going to the dentists might not be as scary. Their advanced pieces of equipment include: 

  • Intra Oral Camera (for thorough internal check-ups) 
  • Low Dose Digital X Rays (for efficiency and accuracy) 
  • OPG or orthopantomogram (to accurately locate problem areas) 

Sydney Smiles Dental Large Range of Services 

The dentists at Sydney Smiles Dentals are always cooperative and willing to assist patients in achieving a healthier dental lifestyle without being too imposing. Their services offered are specifically handpicked to only use modern equipment for highquality procedures that are guaranteed to produce long term results all the while keeping the cost budgetfriendly. One of the best services they offer is there 


Wisdom teeth are the third molar teeth and are the latest to develop in your mouth around the age of early twenties starting from the late teens. Some people might not develop wisdom teeth at all. And since wisdom teeth removal is a recurring procedure done at Sydney Smiles Dental, their team is highly skilled and experienced in doing it. At Sydney Smiles Dental, a wisdom tooth removal procedure is done using the latest technology such as the OPG which will allow the dentist in Lane Cove to make proper diagnosis of the problem. It would help dentists assess the situation if the patient needs to through wisdom tooth removal or if it will successfully erupt in the mouth on its own so that any painful procedure can be avoided.  

Other services include: 

  • Root canalling procedure 
  • Dental fillings  
  • Teeth whitening 
  • Braces; and more. 


Because the team of dentists are so confident in their craft, their equipment and materials used, they offer a one year warranty (terms and conditions apply). Their team of dentists are experts in all procedures from wisdom tooth removal to teeth whitening which is why they offer this facility too.  


Since dental procedures can be costly and cause big dents to the bank account people often delay getting treatment which only makes the problem more severe. To avoid this Sydney Smiles Dental offers multiple payments methods that are sure to satisfy all types of customers. These options include credit card payments, use of senior card, child dental benefit plans and more with certain terms and conditions.  

Sydney Smiles Dental aims to have inclusivity for the satisfaction of their customers and for that they have doctors fluent in both English and Korean. All procedures, even wisdom tooth removals can be booked through a seamless procedure. All in all, going to the dentists does not have to be a scary experience at all with the right care 


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