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Catholic Care, Diocese of Wollongong is a social service located in the heart of Wollongong Australia that has been providing social services to its customers for 40 years in multiple fields of areas. Our main goal is to provide social equality and help those who are in need in the community. This job is neither easy nor restrictive. However, our morals and values, regardless of any individual’s religious beliefs, are equal and binding by our promises. Catholic Care of Wollongong specializes in community services including In-Home Aged Care Wollongong, National Disability Insurance Scheme Support in Wollongong, home support programs, community help, early learning centers, and more. 


As mentioned above, Catholic Care of Wollongong carries out its services irrespective of religion. To attain our service, a client can pay a fee and readily get started with our helping process. Catholic Care Of Wollongong ensures complete safety when interviewing clients as we have a registered psychologist for our NDIS Support in Wollongong, child behavior care workshops, community workshops, and In-Home Aged Care Wollongong program. To make sure the clients are in complete control of their choices, Catholic Care has provided a well-laid-out plan on their website with specific tabs for each of the main services including, Family, Aged Care, Disability, and Community service. 

Another important aspect of our program is to make sure we provide our clients with the utmost care, dignity, and respect. Catholic Care always believes in doing the right thing for an individual through compassion and love. This is why a few of the more popular programs like In-Home Aged Care and NDIS Support are explained in the following descriptions. 


Catholic Care comes with a very accessible service for elderly Australians as well as for younger people with certain disabilities and dementia. Our In-Home Aged Care In Wollongong provides a care assistant for the elderly that will compel that person to live a better life and fulfill as many opportunities as they can. The attendant will make sure their elderly patient has access to a clean home with food, medicine, and medical aid equipment. The In Home Aged Care in Wollongong has trained its workers to provide affordable healthcare as well as quality time with their loved patients by taking them both indoors and outdoors. Those people who are unable to do house chores like grocery shopping, cleaning, lawn mowing, and restocking house supplies can also rely on their care workers to complete such chores. 

To get access to this service the elderly’s family can first have an interview with the Catholic Care In-Home Aged Care team and then slowly get familiar with the patient’s shortcomings. The family may be required to pay a small amount as a financial deposit in exchange for the care services. Now that we have discussed one of the services provided at Catholic Care, let’s move on to the next one which is NDIS Support in Wollongong.


Being certified and registered care providers for the National Disability Insurance Scheme Support (NDIS), Catholic Care has been a favorite among the Wollongong Community for providing the best home care for Disabled youth, adults, and elderly.

To get started for the NDIS Support in Wollongong, one must review the different care plans listed on the Catholic Care website. The reason why one should choose a care plan through Catholic Care is that it doesn’t cost you much. The plan management will assist you through the administrative as well as funding process of the NDIS Support In Wollongong. This means that our NDIS Support In Wollongong will manage all paperwork, and incoming fund bills so that you do not run out of funds. It also allows you to choose a care provider of your choice that may or may not be NDIS registered.

The best part about the Catholic Care NDIS Support Program in Wollongong is that signup is free of cost, and we will guide you through each step and make the billing process and paperwork much more organized so that you do not have to worry about a thing at all. Clients can sign up for the Plan Management through the website http://catholiccare.dow.org.au/  and even add any queries or details about the entire work process. So, hurry up and get your cate provider from Catholic Care right now!



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