Relish live freshly baked pizza on events

We find ways to celebrate and when there is an occasion we gather our friends, family and colleagues to enjoy a good time at lunch, brunch or dinner. The main centre of attraction behind all kind of gatherings is the food which should be delicious and most prominently fresh and hot. People cook and cater food but they don’t get good feedback from the guest as the food gets cold especially, when hosting a party at home the host becomes chaotic to manage the privileged guests and the food both togetherNow, there is no need to worry about any kind of gatherings and events as a sensational name is in the hype in Gold coast due to their lip-smacking catering and deliciously baked pizzas and that name is BHMP. One quality that makes them unique is their live cooking on the spot where they keep on serving the guests with scrumptious and deliciously baked pizzas. They are a premium option for outdoor parties or any kind of events as a corporate dinner or lunch the time, occasion and place would be yours and they would come and cater at your place with mouth-watering steaming hot pizzas. This is the finest choice just like a hotel coming to your place because the majority of all age groups love to eat pizzas and the main thing that makes them different is the selection and choice by which people can customise their pizzas according to their choice. They are the exceptional choice for event catering and if people want to make their events different and memorable they should contact BHMP who would make the occasions impressive and exclusive by freshly baked pizzas with their live cooking and outstanding services.  

Outdoor dining made possible at home 

During the pandemic, people can’t enjoy dining out due to the social distancing and they have a fear deep inside them recreations and outside events are sidelined temporarily. A pizzeria would come to your place its possible now as BHMP has an exceptional facility to come to your place and cook live pizzas on spot and provide remarkable and excellent steaming hot fresh pizzas for the guests. They are the finest selection for the catering in Byron Bay of certain events which can easily be managed by the excellent cooks who deliver fresh pizzas to the guests and hosts could sit chit chat and enjoy amongst their loved ones.  

Menu, appetizers and desserts choice is yours 

Starting from the appetizers they have grazing tables available in different sizes which are available in a savoury and healthy combination of cured meats, cheese, salads, veggies, nuts, bread and a variety of items while the other one has all kind of assorted chocolates, candies, fruits and lollies mostly preferred for birthday parties. The addition of a grazing table is an optional choice for the client but a large number of people order the savoury for corporate event catering because they are conscious about their health. They have a selected signature menu of BHMP which has a division of gourmet and classic pizzas and apart from that people can customize by their choice.  

Best prices and extraordinary taste  

People invest a large amount in different kinds of events but still, the guests are not satisfied by the taste. The case is different with BHMP just call them they would be present at the required location cooking with perfection tempting, hot and fresh pizzas. They have exclusive offers as all you can eat and they charge as per person and they would keep on delivering delicious pizzas and serve almost a hundred guests. They are the premium choice for catering because when they are cooking the guests would eat as much as they can and enjoy pizzas and have a good time relishing.  

Excellent service and exceptional taste 

Serving and feeding a large number of guests matter more than anything as people mostly get confused about managing events. BHMP has an exceptional staff that keeps on serving the guests with enthusiasm and both the cooks deliver hot and delicious pizzas on a plate and delivered them straight to the tables. They are the favourite choice for event catering in the Gold coast where they come and start the magic. They have the best taste in Gold coast and pizzas are enjoyed when they are hot as the cheese melts in the mouth and they make sure that they deliver within seconds to their guest by the excellent service of the staff. They have all the happy clients who once get in touch with them and people who eat get addicted to their delicious and tantalising taste.  


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