Regular Maintenance To Carry Out On Your Car

Having a car can be a great convenience – you can decide where you want to go whenever you want to go somewhere. You will save plenty of money on the cost of public transports, taxis and other means, and you can relax in your car without having to worry about time constraints and other any limits. For many people, life without a car is completely impossible, but failing to look after your vehicle could mean that you need to go a few days without the luxury of your car. This will make it harder to get to your place of work in the morning, go to your regular leisure activities such as the gym, sports or other classes, and also make it impossible to take road trips or even easily do some grocery shopping.


Take your car for a regular wash

This won’t necessarily affect the mechanics and the day-to-day running of your car, but failing to wash your car on a regular basis can lead to a build up of rust on the exterior and dirt and dust on the interior. This will bring down the value of your car, and if you allow it to rust on the outside, you could end up with serious and expensive issues to sort out. Getting a Sensha car wash won’t cost much, but it will keep your car in good condition and will make you feel even better about your vehicle.

Check all the lights

Get into the habit of checking that the lights on your car work. You can do this every month or simply whenever you think to check the lights. It’s not very difficult to check that everything is working – you can park when it is dark against a surface such as a brick wall or window and try each of the lights one by one. For the back lights, if you don’t have a surface behind which the lights can reflect on for you to see in your rear-view mirror, ask a friend or neighbour to spend a couple of minutes just helping you check that the lights at the back of the car are in working order.

Top up the screen wash and oil levels

Your car should have a good amount of screen wash in at all times, and depending on the road conditions in which you drive, you might need to top this up quite regularly. The more you wash your windscreen, the more screen wash your car will require. If you run out of screen wash, you won’t be able to wipe the screen, and if you’re coming home from a long trip on a dirty or windy road, you could end up in danger without a clear view through the window. The oil levels can be checked by yourself, but unless you are absolutely sure which type of oil has been used, you should take your car to a mechanic who can sort this part out for you. If they cannot top the oil levels up with exactly the same type of oil that has been used previously, they will be able to change the oil completely so that it is all the same.


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