A lot more items comes to the list of maintaining a household. We can not relay on any agency to get such small items as in screws, racks, towel rack etc. It is impossible to invest again and again on such tiny objects. If you are looking for one reliable store that will offer you the best of such items of kitchen or small items like screws, drills and racks then igrab is a store you can relay on. We are offering the premium quality world wide and delivering your orders at your doorstep.  

What are we offering? 

We are providing the self-drilling screws and fasteners. These are self-tapping and made up of stainless steel. We are delivering these screws worldwide.  These self-drilling screws can be a great addition when you want to do some handy work and looking for a premium quality stainless steel screw. Igrab got you supplied, and offers the best job doing screws. As we mentioned the worldwide delivery so apart from where you are, our team will deliver your ordered self drilling screws at your home. This delivery is made smooth and pain free. We get you covered for everything. 

Choose the best from the rest 

These self-drilling screws can perform a range of functions as in on woods, plastic, materials of metal etc. These can drill a hole and very much convenient for handy tasks. It doesn’t matter either you are a professional or pro of your work or just a jack who is trying to master. The quality of the products must not be compromised. And if the one is looking for the top quality, where it would be other than our store. We want our customers to feel like home and relay on us. These self-drilling screws have made life much easier. Firstly, they are handy, convenient,  and reliable plus lasting to perform anything. Secondly, you can order them from our website and there is a certain limit if the amount of order crossness that limit, delivery is free. Then what is resisting you to go for the best quality? Just browse through the website and place as many as orders of different goods. We would like you to enjoy the best. There is a whole range of items other than self-drilling screws.

The Bathroom Supplies  

The bathroom is a place or room in your house that must not be ignored by us. It must be pleasing, sanctuary, and relaxing. This is of utmost importance. Thus, the tiles, mirrors, accessories and every other item must be in coherence to make it feel better and beautiful. As in, when you step in one must feel like a safer place like heaven.  

The bathrooms in Australia represents the exude elegance at the main time remaining subtle and practical with the wider assortment of towel rack, holder, hooks, and rails to manifold the grace of the bathrooms. Thus, there is no need to raid the stores and try to find one fit for you. When you browse through our online store there are a lot more range of towel rack.

We try to keep our towel rack aesthetic. Every room and bathroom is unique and magnificent. Thus, Igrab tries to create a harmony with the overall appearance. We are the most demanded company to trust with their homes. Our towel rack is made up of brass, chrome or black nickel. The quality is supreme and prices are competitive. Paris double towel rack is introduced by us. Its material is stainless steel 304. This towel rack comes with a standard fitting for concealed fixing and super easy installation. Its size may vary but at the same time it’s super easy to install. 


Contact us today for placing the order you will not feel troubled as the items qualities and prices are mentioned. You can go for one item that may suits you and tell us about the problems. We are here to deal your matters. Your delivery will be on time and all the delivered products is assured to be of high quality. Come and trust us for installing basic units of your hone interior. We are forever present to offer you the prime quality goods. 


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