Furniture Movers to Brisbane and Beyond.

Moving houses or offices or moving from an established place to a new one is already a stressful job but add to that the pressure of safe and complete relocation of furniture and other belongings, and the task gets even more difficult. Especially if you are moving halfway across the country, then investing in a proper, safe and reliable moving company is as essential as any other part of the process. Because you are completely trusting these people to transport some of your most personal belongings from one place to another. There is so much that could go wrong here.  

Well, the solution to that is also easy. If you are looking for Interstate Removals (located in) Gold Coast or looking for removalists from Cairns to Brisbane then the solution is to acquire the services of Backload Moving.


Backload Moving is a company working in the loading industry for a long time and have built a solid foundation of their business through trial and error. Their team and they have a solid experience in this industry and through working for this long and garnering experience they have been able to establish their concepts more clearly that appeal to customers and make them so trustworthy and reliable.  

Their main concept is believing in the importance of ‘Communication’. What that means is that communication between customers and the team is vital no matter how small of a moving task it is; if it is interstate removals – Gold Coast or if it is the work of removalists from Cairns to Brisbane. Proper communication between the two parties is a must and once that is achieved, customers are likely to return because as they say, “happy customers mean repeat business”.  

Their business is located in Queensland and they work all over Australia in moving furniture from one place to another. They promise to have no hidden costs in their services and the basic cost includes the disassembly and assembly of basic furniture items such as beds and cupboards and proper placement of boxes too.  

Their popular routes include: 


If you live in the Gold Coast area and want your goods to be moved from place A to place B, then Backload Moving is the best choice for it. You only have to pay for space your goods take in the truck and not pay for an entire truck. The team assigned will help you package and then move your furniture to the new place with full cooperation and professional accuracy.

With such a competitive market, they offer reasonable prices without any extra or hidden costs. All moving work is done with proper care and the use of professional handling and equipment. Their interstate removals Gold Coast include: 

  • House and Units  a cheap pre-packaging service, easy to contact service, specialize in apartment moving with 1 to 6 rooms etc.  
  • Office Relocations – solutions for companies, small offices, warehouse shifting handling, help with project management etc. 


There is not much difference in the moving procedure from interstate removals Gold CoastSimilar to that, removalists from Cairns to Brisbane follow the same procedure of maintaining a professional attitude and efficiency that allows for the smooth movement of all furniture without it being damaged or broken in the process.

Their offices are located in several cities and areas where they are conveniently located between Northern Queensland and southern states. Especially providing removalists – Cairns to Brisbane. And even if their services do not operate in your area, Backload Moving has a trusted network of moving companies and they can refer you to the appropriate one as per your area.

A bonus of using the services of Backload Moving be it interstate removals for Gold Coast or removalists – Cairns to Brisbane, they offer boxes and moving/packing materials which is sturdy and specifically designed for packaging and travelling. They offer a list of packaging supplies from different shapes and sizes of boxes, packaging paper and tape, mattress bags and more. And keeping eco-friendly, their cardboard boxes can be used three times after which they can be sold back to Backload Moving for further recycling. How great is that? So quickly now, if you plan on moving within Australia, get a quick online quote from their team of professionals regarding the cost and the procedure and make your move a smooth process.  


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