Folding Shower Screens: How do they Add Appeal to your Bathroom?

Renovations are an important part to help us maintain the curb appeal and value of our house. However, if you are renovating, then it is important to focus on all your house, and not just the places that you like. This especially applies in the case of bathroom because most people often ignore even looking towards it for renovations. If you want to add value to your bathroom and enhance its aesthetic appeal, you do not have to work too much because opting for folding shower screens can be a great way to get the job done. 

In fact, we believe that everyone should keep a shower screen in their bathrooms as it can easily make a huge difference in enhancing the overall appeal and beauty of their bathroom. Moreover, they also offer a variety of other benefits that includes, enhancing the privacy, and also, eliminating the need for using curtains. Nowadays, shower screens come in a variety of choices, including the matt black glass screens. 

So if you are thinking about purchasing a shower screen, then it’s more than worth your money. Below we will see a couple of reasons that why a folding shower screen is becoming popular and might be the best investment you could make.  

Enhancing Privacy 

There’s no place in your house that needs to be more private than the bathroom. However, showering without a curtain or shower screen in place for some reason can put a sense of invasiveness in your mind. What if you accidentally ever forget to lock the door? It might not sound like as big of a problem, but it happens more often than one may think. However, in such cases if you have a folding shower screen, then it could provide you with the privacy that you need. 

Moreover, a shower screen is also absolutely perfect if you want to add some value to your bathroom and make it look more spacious. For some reason, a folding shower screen makes your bathroom look bigger than it really is. 

Aesthetic Appeal 

If you want to enhance the appeal of your bathroom, then opting for a shower screen is one of the best options you have. With that said, shower screens also come in a variety of different colours. If you want to go for the safest choice, then there is nothing better than that matt black glass screens. Usually, a matt black glass can go with just about any bathroom type, regardless of the colour scheme that you have chosen for your bathroom. 

Moreover, matt black also adds a sophisticated look to your bathroom and makes a major difference in enhancing its overall appeal. Therefore, if you were short on options and did not know how you could enhance the aesthetic beauty of your house, then opting for a black glass screen is unarguably one of the best investments you could make for your bathroom. 

Functional and Durable 

The reason why going for a folding shower screen is much better as opposed to any other option is because it is highly function. Unlike the regular shower screens that remain at one place and take up a lot of space, the same is not the case for folding shower screen. They’re highly functional and if you want to switch up their position, or simply, move them around then you can conveniently fold them.  

Moreover, shower screens are also normally a one-time investment. They often come with a sturdy frame that lasts for years. At most, the only money you would have to spend on repairs is in case the folding hardware gets damage. However, it is highly unlikely that it would happen. 


Overall, opting for folding shower screens can be a great investment for your bathroom. They can add great value and at the same time, do not require any maintenance either whatsoever. Perhaps, the only maintenance that shower screens would require is to keep it clean. However, that also happens automatically because water is often splashed onto it and completely wipes away and stains or dust before it gets a chance to become more persistent.

Therefore, making small changes to your bathroom can be a great way and this can easily be done with the help of folding shower screens, do not forget to install them. 


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