Different types of kitchen designs and kitchen bench tops

Kitchen is the most important domestic part of any residence property. It is the most used and disciplinary maintained section of a house. All the meal cooking and processing is done over here. Kitchen’s elegance and cleanliness is evident through kitchen designs in Hills District and construction. In addition to pantry, sink, cabinets, drawers, one of the highlights of kitchen area is the kitchen bench tops, where commonly chopping and cutting is performed. Thus, the artistic kitchen work and its appliance make up for a sophisticated cooking workplace.  

Different types of kitchen designs 

Good and effective kitchen designs require time to search and collect ideas for its layouts, frame styles, structure and positions of storage cabinets and located electric and wooden appliances. All these parameters set accurately make up for an ideal kitchen look. Mostly kitchen designs are planned by interior decorators and architects with best themes and imagination to make it visually appealing. These structures are created in such a way that it should maintain a balance among the fixed storage cabinets, counter tops and appliance placement. The locations must allow space for moving in a kitchen. More open and wider the kitchen, the more it is preferred. 

Ideally, Kitchen designs offering easing movement of about three people without any interference are considered as the best. Everything must be accurate from kitchen ceiling to floorings. There are some major kitchen designs and layouts which are mention below 

  • One wall designed kitchen, usually smaller in size 
  • Parallel kitchens 
  • Galley or corridor kitchen layout 
  • The L-shaped and double L-shaped design 
  • The U-shaped layout 
  • Island kitchen 
  • Peninsula kitchen pattern 
  • Modular kitchen 

These kitchen designs are adapted according to the theme, culture, layouts, status of the property.  Mostly parallel kitchen is considered the best in business, as it provides good spacing and storage areas. The traditional or classical kitchen designs are forever simple, timeless and rooted to cultural aspects. However, the rational or modern kitchen patterns are somewhat trendy and change according to the new innovations. Thus, a perfect kitchen should be simple, flexible, provide easy supervision and must have good sanitary conditions etc. 

Different types of kitchen bench tops 

These bench tops are also referred as counter or counter tops. Bench tops are one basic kitchen accessories which complete the overall look of the area. Kitchen benchtops in Baulkham hills are solid platforms required for placement, chopping, cutting and for providing surface for bottom drawers and cabinets. From small to lengthy, simple to lavish, cheap to expensive, wood to granite bench tops offers a great variety of collection. All these have different cost, appearance, textures and maintenance requirements in a kitchen. Some common kitchen bench tops made up of different materials are:

  • Laminate bench top 
  • Granite bench top  
  • Marble bench top 
  • Quartz bench top 
  • Timber wood bench top 
  • Solid surface bench top like acrylic bench  
  • Stone engineered bench top 

These mentioned bench tops are being used since old times to even in 21st century. However, these surfaces are refined from sometimes to give them new and fresh look. Laminate and granite kitchen bench tops are among the standard platforms and are generally cheaper than the stone surfaces. If someone requires a lavish and luxurious appearance to the bench top, then he should select quartz bench tops. No bench top is as timeless as marble kitchen bench tops due to its classical feel.

Another type of kitchen bench tops found in large kitchens is made up of stainless steel. This type is usually seen in hotels, restaurants, caterings etc. Some other fashionable surface tops are tile, hardwood, bamboo, compact solid, concrete, porcelain etc. People usually go for the bench top material that is of their choice or is in limit of their budget. As kitchen bench tops visually most dominating component of kitchen therefore, it must be nicely style and constructed to enhance the sophistication of kitchen. 


The kitchen designs commonly involved in residencies are simple, well-settled and balanced according to the theme of house. However, lavish patterns are also visible in high status properties. To maintain a kitchen in its best shape, kitchen bench tops are one most notable component that must be high quality and easy to maintain. 


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