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Home talks louder about your taste and vibe. It is an escape corer to sit and think about other things. A place where we sit to sort out matters. Everyone thinks of a dream house. Be it a small house or a magnificent building. There are trends to follow and mostly trending buildings are here, but one wants a customised experience as well. In this matter, you want for custom home designs those who will suit your need. If you are after a well reputed and reliable company for custom home designs in Melbourne then Sketch is your resort. It is a multi-awarded Melbourne based interior studio, building designs and home extensions company. With the philosophy of listening and creating your dream custom home designs, our team is thriving on the board. We celebrate individuality by collaboration of clients. We do not look at the projects as small or big. Since 2006, we have been tirelessly working on all your projects and pleased to serve you all. Sketch as a meaningful custom home designs, collective, dedicated and innovative home extensions company is coming forth. We are going to continue the work diversity by encapsulation of residential home extensions and disciplines of custom home designs.

Specialities and Work Rule 

With the proficient architectural work, we take the unique perspective of our clients while emphasising on their needs, budget, home extensions and lifestyle. Combining it with the site context and the identification of opportunities and focus on custom home designs our team is doing the best. The holistically merged together elements to create meaningful home extensions designs that are going to inspire, excite and going to be used for positive purposes in relevant times.  As the specialists of the documentation consultancy and residential custom home designs we thrive to stress out building and roe designs, planning and requirements of permit for our worthy clients.

Offering you a personalised and tailored experience in custom home designs we are offering the absolute assurance to the clients that they are at the right place. We work with transparency and honesty. From encouraging an open dialogue you can ask any questions from team. 

We behold a team of excellent builders and designers who are super proficient in their work. With excellent work ethics to the friendly professional behaviour us all one can ask for. When you contact us, we understand that not all the rope are well equipped with the knowledge and details thus, we strive to offer you the best possible details about everything.   

Step by Step Process 

If you get in touch with us for the custom home designs for. Preliminary meetings to initial meetup and free proposal to offering a pre-design of home extensions in Melbourne is offered by us. We keep no ambiguity from the clients all these matters are pre discussed giving you a clear ad brief idea about how and where are you going to fall and what is your starting point? 

Sketch is offering several services as in concept and feasibility design and studies. Space idea planning to interior design. Building permit to master planning. Town planning reports to heritage reports. From surveys of lad to designs, custom home designs arborists, free consultancy. When you get in touch with us we strive to resolve all your matters. There is a whole array of offered services by us. Thus, be stress free and let us assist you.

For your satisfaction, you can go through the client’s testimonials too. They will offer you a brief idea about our best services. You cannot think of building a house or renovation and go for that idea. Building your dream house means you have to work on a project. Either this project is big or small but there is a whole research about land and energy, eco-friendly approach, budgeting, finances, custom home designs and renovation. If one is going after the home extensions then visitation of design, consulting the right designer. There are multiple factors. Instead of getting chased by the fake ad below the belt companies get in touch with us. We will offer you all what are you after. The aforementioned details may offer you an idea that we are your one-step-shop. Stay here, and get the best consultancy from the prime team and get intimated by their supreme ideas of innovation. 


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