Auto Mechanic Lingo Explained

Going to get your car repaired can be an arduous process. Auto mechanics are well versed in saying the right things to get you to pay for services your vehicle doesn’t actually need. Most trustworthy mechanics, of course, don’t usually give unnecessary advice. That’s all the more reason to be aware of the following: 

“I wouldn’t Drive This Another Kilometer” 

If you take your vehicle for mechanical repairs Wangaratta or even a regular checkup, you may sometimes hear admonishes like this. But do treat them with great suspicion. Scare tactics like this are common among some auto mechanics. This is why it is a good idea to go to a trusted Go A Grade mechanic. The idea is to get you to pay for an expensive service that your vehicle probably doesn’t need. Therefore, be wary of such statements. Read your vehicle’s manual and be informed about what your vehicle needs, and doesn’t, to avoid getting ripped off by statements like this.  

Getting You to Sign a Blank Form 

Never, ever do this. Some small garages may bet on your trust to get you to sign a blank page for services. Use your common sense and don’t do it. If you are paying for something, you need to know what you are paying for. Therefore, only sing work orders where the specifics are actually listed. Find a polite way to refuse mechanics that try to pull this one on you. Better yet, it’s an indication that you need to find a new auto shop.  

We Don’t Need Fancy Tools 

Auto mechanics really do need “fancy” equipment like engine analyzer tools to check your vehicle for problems. Some mechanics fancy themselves to be good spotters of problems. Be careful not to trust mechanics that try this. Tools are there for a reason. The right tools minimize human error and deliver accurate results of potential problems. Therefore, avoid those “old school” mechanics that don’t supposedly need tools.  

Synthetic Motor Oils are Too Expensive 

Yes, but synthetic motor oils last longer. You can definitely get more kilometers of drive time between the changes with the synthetic options. So even if an auto mechanic says that, be aware of this fact.  

If They Said That…. 

When getting a second opinion, don’t tell the mechanic that you are seeking a second opinion. If you do, the opinion will definitely be based on the first one. The second mechanic will simply try to sell you services to counter what the first told you. Therefore, when going for a second opinion, don’t tell the mechanic what the problem with the car is or what prices the first mechanic was going to charge.   

Quick Lubes are Great 

Actually, most vehicles don’t need quick lubes like power steering flushes or coolant flushes. To be sure, check the vehicle owner’s manual that came with your car. It should indicate how many miles your vehicle can go with the fluid-filled by the manufacturer. Most cars can go up to 100,000 kilometers with the existing fuel. Therefore, you may be just wasting money by going with an auto mechanics recommendations for new cleaning fuel injectors.  

You Don’t Need OEM, Get This Generic Part Instead  

Actually, you do need OEM, which tend to be more reliable and better suited than generic parts. You should avoid mechanics who don’t have OEM and only sell you generic parts.  

Be aware of dealers or mechanics who claim to have years of experience, but no certificate to show for it as well.  



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