Sophie Giraffe; The Perfect Toy For Your Child 

What Is Sophie the giraffe? 

It’s been 50 years since the first teething toy, Sophie the Giraffe, was introduced and since then, it has been the favourite toy every child loves to have. The toy was initially introduced in France only, but with the growing demand and children’s love for it, it has been welcomed by children of all parts of world. Sophie Giraffe is made from 100% natural rubber which is extracted from the Hevea tree. The toy is painted with natural food paint to give it a distinct smell without making it harmful for the child who would nibble it. The giraffe is made soft and flexible for the child to be able to play with it in all ways. This is one of the reasons why this is the favorite teething toy of every child. The sound upon squeezing teaches the child about the cause and effect. The production of this addictive teething toy requires 14 manual operations, which makes this teething toy stand out among the others in the market. It is the perfect and safest gift for your child, especially for children of age up to 1 year.  

Is it dangerous? 

Recently, there was a growing concern about the mold growing in the toy. Since Sophie Giraffe is the kind of toy children suck and bite, this raises the concern regarding the mold growing inside due to the damp atmosphere in the toy. However, Dr. John Carl, a pediatric pulmonologist has denied such threats to the health of the child. According to him, the possibility of the child inhaling the mold is near to zero so that makes it totally safe for the children. He also adds that the color is not the indication of toxicity of the mold. The mold in the toy is not that toxic and a healthy child is completely safe against this. On the hand, the makers themselves deny such threats and call them rare cases that are a result of improper storage or usage of the toy 

Considerations before taking up a used toy 

If you’re the parent of 2 children and your little one demands this addictive toy that the older sibling has been playing with for years, this is not such a good idea. The manufacturers do not recommend that the toy be used by more than 1 child. It is a teething toy so there can be health hazards if you give a used giraffe to your younger child. Also, even if you’re taking out stored Sophie giraffe, it is important you check the toy to see if it is usable for your child. Stretch it from all sides and make sure it is not deteriorating from any part, which can be dangerous for your child. Also look for any signs of melted rubber. Since the toy is make from 100% natural rubber, it is not ideal for storage over long periods of time. Therefore if you’re using an old Sophie giraffe, you need to make sure it is completely safe for your child before you hand it over to your kid.

How to clean the teething toy? 

Cleaning Sophie the Giraffe is really easy and it requires nothing more than a damp cloth and some soapy water. The instructions are clearly mentioned on the packing so that the parents are well aware of the right cleaning method without damaging the toy or making it dangerous for the child. The instructions clearly forbid any usage of steriliser or any other chemical. Even submerging the toy in water for cleaning is not recommended. Since its pure natural rubber, the toy is very sensitive to heat and raised temperature so keep it away from direct sunlight or boiling water. Do not use direct sunlight to boost the dying process after cleaning it.  

Why don’t all giraffe’s look the same? 

Although Sophie the Giraffe has ultimately one standard of manufacturing that is followed worldwide, still there exists the possibility that you might find different versions of it, in regard to its smell. Currently there are 4 unique versions of Sophie Giraffe, all of which follow the set European standard. There can be slight difference in the colour of the toy, but that is only because the giraffe is painted manually which is susceptible to a little increase or reduction of paint. Other than that, there are no variations in the toy. Every piece of Sophie the Giraffe undergoes the same 14 manual operations before coming to the market.


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