How To Restore Your Car Paint To A Perfect Shine:

Its extensive summers. Every time you go out, you lather yourself up with sun block to protect your skin against the UV rays. Sounds familiar? It does! Because it is the story of almost all of us during summers. However, have you ever thought the havoc sun is wreaking on your skin can be caused to your car too. No, probably not! Therefore, when the matter gets out of hand and your car paint is damaged, is when you realise what has happened and start considering the health of your car. We all want our car to look stylish and sleek. That is only possible when we take good care of its physical appearance, so we can not only rule the roads, but preserve the value of the vehicle we hold dearly. It’s all easier said than done, this is what you must be thinking right now. No. You can easily keep the car paint to a perfect shine by protecting and restoring it. Here’s how. 

Protect Your Car: 

We have given this point a simple heading, but nothing could emphasise it more. If you want to keep your car good as new and want to keep it shiny, prevent the unnecessary damages and protect it from any harm. It is that simple! If you prevent your car from getting damaged and block the over-exposure to the sun, you won’t have to frequently get the paint job done. The easiest way to start is by keeping a proper schedule that allows you to wash your car from time and again. Here, we mean that you must wash your car whenever it is dirty, and do not wait for the rainy days to do that work. If your car is clean, the environmental damage would be way less, as it would be protected against the sun. The top coat of the car acts as a sunblock against SPF 50. Not just this, but the sand and snow can also cause damage to your car, so add a layer to the protection by getting car paint protection Sydney and coating the upper part of your car with wax. You will amp up the protection against the ruthless environmental damage, and we bet that the shine will remain persistent no matter how long it has been since you last retouched it. 

Restore The Paint When Necessary: 

In case you have caused enough damage to your car already and the condition of your vehicle makes you want to cry, this is not the end of the world. First, assess the damage and see the condition your car is in. If the car has faded paint or it has oxidised, you can restore the paint, obviously with some efforts and help. To do that, you have to wash off your car completely till it sparkles in the condition it is in. Once the car is washed properly, let it dry completely till no visible signs of water remain. Now, use a clay bar to remove all the junk that is causing the paint to wear off and is making it look dull. You are using the clay bar here, because it acts as a same primer to your car just as the makeup primer acts in your face. It prepares your car for a proper makeover and will give the shine it deserves. If you find it difficult to do on your own, you can always avail some car protection services that are available across Sydney. Once done, you can easily wax the car to restore the charm that had been lost. However, keep in mind that the entire process of washing, cleaning with a clay bar and wax polishing must be done in a shaded area. Start with the smaller areas, and move on to the big ones, once you have worked on them properly. Concentration and proper efforts are the key here.  

Wax, Wax, Wax: 

All the other steps that you did above were to prepare your vehicle for this one big move. There are multiple sorts of wax available out there, so choose the one that works best against the kind of problems your car paint is facing at the moment. Keep maintaining your car, once the wax is done, as per the conditions of the weather and the environment you are living in. Be sure to follow the proper guidelines given on the wax, so you don’t end up damaging your car further. If you follow all these cautiously, we are sure, your car will be good as new once the wax has dried.


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