Factors to Consider Before Buying Quilt Cover in Australia

Buying Quilt for your Bedroom 

quilt cover is not something you need if you live in North Pole only. It is considerably an important part of your bed for the chilly winter nights, irrespective of where you live. A quilt cover aka dover cover, is very much the same like pillowcase for your pillow. But, you can’t just pick any quilt cover. Afterall, this is what you’ll be returning to every night. It needs to be comfortable for a peaceful sleep, and also, visually appealing for you. So how do you decide? Let’s explore some of the common aspects that need to be considered before buying dover covers. 

Size and Design 

Aesthetic appearance of your quilt cover is almost just as important as its size. So, when you’re looking for dover covers, online or in market, you need to make sure the cover is of the right dimensions for your bed. While this will be simpler to consider, what’s really challenging is finding the right design. From choosing the right color to selecting the right pattern, there’s a lot that you need to consider. So, how do you make a choice when bombarded with so many options? By taking note of important things to consider.  

  • Color: Choose a color that is suitable for your bedroom; color that matches the overall theme of your bedroom. You should also try to choose a color that gives a soothing effect, instead of choosing a bright sharp color.  
  • Pattern: Choosing the right pattern is not as hard as it sounds. All you need to make sure is, you pick something appropriate for your bedroom. The best way to do this is by going for simpler quilt designs. You will find plenty of decent elegant quilt covers in Australia. Instead of looking for fancy patterns and color combinations, you should just look for a simple design that contributes to a comfy look of your bed. Simple sophisticated quilt patterns go with almost any room theme.  


This is the core element that needs to be considered before buying quilt cover. While you’ll find a great variety of materials for quilt covers in Australia, not all of these materials are suitable for you. You cannot pick just any material so how do you know which one’s the right for you? By assessing your needs.  

If you want a warmer quilt cover for cold winter nights in Australia, you can go for cotton or silk quilts. On the other hand, this might be too warm for summers so you can get a light breathable quilt cover like bamboo or cotton cover for summers.  

Similarly, if you have pets in your house that are allowed on the bed, you can not choose silk or cotton. Instead, you can go for breathable fiber covers. Also, if your pets are going to be on the bed, you should also choose a design that is able to hide any marks of claws of your pets.  

You also need to consider how difficult or easy it is going to be to clean the particular quilt material. Cotton or linen are usually considered relatively easier to clean. This is one reason why the blend of cotton and linen is high demand. This combination offers a suitable trade off in multiple aspects: cleaning ease, warmness, appearance.  

Nevertheless, there can be other combinations of quilt materials and you can only find out about them after visiting the store. Be sure to ask about these factors before buying the quilt cover. The store owner might be able to guide you for the right material for your needs.  

Thread Count 

This is a technical term that you might come across when looking for dover covers in the market. The thread count refers to the number of threads per 10 cm in the quilt. This number dictates the comfort level as well as warmth level of the quilt. The higher the threat count, the more softer and heavier the quilt cover will be. This does sound appealing, but a higher thread count also means more air trapped in the quilt is a warmer quilt. It will also be heavier than a quilt with lesser thread count. So, you need to find a quilt with a balance between being warmer and being breathable, depending on your need.  


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