Career options as a carpenter

Carpentry is a skilled craft that involves the shaping and installation of materials used for construction of buildings and ships and other form works. Traditionally, carpenters worked with wood and did the rough work but with increase in education of this skilled trade, carpenters can even go for diplomas such as certificate iii in carpentry and become more polished at their work. Nowadays, carpenters work with all kinds of materials and jobs such as making furniture are also considered a part of carpentry. Broadly speaking, there are 2 types of carpentry: rough carpentry and finish carpentry. Rough carpentry revolves around structural components such as beams and rafters that don’t require neat finishing as they are going to be covered with items such as walls. Finish carpentry includes detail work that is visible when the building is finished and comprises of flooring, installing windows and doors and also trimming among other things. There are also other forms of carpentry such as ships carpentry that involves the building of ships and their repair and maintenance, cabinet making that consists of building of cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms, and even scenic carpentry that comprises of making sets and scenery that are used in the making of films and plays. 

Carpenters have a rough and tough job that requires the individual to have a lot of stamina, a high level of physical fitness as well as good handeye coordination. To start off, the carpenter analyses and reviews the blueprints for a building and then orders the materials needed and starts the construction work. The project may be starting something from scratch, or remodelling an old house and even finishing with detailed work. Carpenters need to be able to follow directions well and execute the exact plans and blueprints of the clients. They work with all kinds of tools ranging from simple ones like nails and screws to dangerous equipment such as sanders and drills. An individual must have a basic high school diploma if they want to pursue a career in carpentry as well as determination as it can include working in difficult conditions and weather. They can then join an apprenticeship program that takes 3 to 4 years to complete and consists of basic instructions as well as on job training. This helps in gaining experience and find your way around the tools of the trade without getting injured. It is advised to the individuals involved in the program to have a fitness routine so that they can stay in shape and be ready to work in all types of conditions. People aspiring to be carpenters can also complete programs such as certificate iii in carpentry a technical school that allows for better career opportunities such as a building inspector and even project manager. This course provides extensive training especially in the household and industrial construction fields. Apart from mechanical skills that include working with different tools and machines, carpenters must also be aware of how to repair them. They must also have maths skills that allow them to accurately measure and cut the materials that need it be installed and also be able to calculate the costs of a project to make sure that it is within budget. For even better opportunities, carpenters should also develop some skills that are marketable such as learning another language to get jobs from other countries. 

There are many types of carpenters that work in construction. There is a first fix carpenter that is present in the first stage of construction to lay out the foundation till the time comes for plastering. During this time there are also other jobs to be done such as framing windows and installing staircases. Second fix carpenters do all the finishing joins such as fitting the skirting boards, installing door units such as hinges, overseeing the health and safety reports and also monitoring the materials on sit as well as the equipment. There are also site supervisors that ensure that all the work is of a high standard and that the workers have a professional approach to the project. They report to the construction manager who has the most experience and works with the architects and surveyors to make sure the project is completed on time and within budget. Once individuals have completed their apprenticeship, they have a wide variety of options ahead of them that will help them earn good living especially if they choose to do courses such as certificate iii in carpentry that will help them gain more experience and training. 


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