Benefits of Using a Global Knife Set

Do you know the difference between utility knife and serrated utility knife? How about having knowledge of best knife to chop down chicken? Read on further to find answers to any of your questions related to global knives set. 

To get started with the basics, let us introduce you to the kitchenware in Melbourne anatomy. The parts include: 

  • The Bolster: joining the handle and the blade, this piece adds weight to the knife to enhance balance. 
  • The Blade: this is the main knife portion that includes the point, edge, spine, etc. 
  • The Edge: this is the part of the blade that plays the major role in cutting. Depending on the type, this may comprise of serrations or maybe plain. 
  • The Butt: present at the utmost edge of the handle. 
  • Handle: this is the chief handling part of the knife. 
  • Granton Edge: specially designed to increase the knife’s slicing capability, this is the part of the blade containing sharp protrusions at the edges. 
  • Rivet: these are the pins that attach the tang and handle scales together. 
  • Point: specially required for puncturing, it is the knife’s tip. 
  • Spine: this is actually the back of the blade that is unsharpened. 
  • Scale: these materials are molded and affix to the tang and make the handle up. 
  • Tang: this part of the blade spreads to the handle and is present in many different lengths and shapes 

The Global Knife Set in Melbourne by mega boutique provides a range of knives that undoubtedly prove to help in every kind of kitchen cutting, chopping and peeling processes. These knives include: 

8cm Peeling Knife 

This knife comprises of smooth curves and its one-piece structure remove food dirt traps and food easily, making this type of knife a vital type for hygiene and safety. 

10 cm Paring Knife 

These Japanese inspired knives hold an uncommon format of professional knives. The small size of its handle and the blade made of stainless steel, a total of 10 cm, allows it to cut in a precise and efficient way. 

11cm Utility Knife 

This is an amazing quality knife with Japanese precision and German durability. Its stainless steel is tempered two times and has resilient edges. Its handle is made up of stainless steel that is hollow that allows it to accurately balance the blade and is easy to use. This is best for paring, chopping and peeling minor food items. This knife is must to own in a kitchen as it is of good use and much needed in daily life. 

14 cm vegetable knife 

Built with a modern design this knife has an accurate precision for dicing, slicing and peeling vegetables and fruits. Its amazing design is greatly attractive to eyes with a plus point of being hygienic, durable, long lasting and proving strength. Its ultra-sharp blade is best for chopping like a perfectionist. Its edges are razor sharp providing ease in cutting. The hollow handle is without fail a required balance for the overall knife weight. This knife is also staining resistant and has excellent edge preservation. 

15cm serrated utility knife 

The 15 cm serrated utility knife is an easy to use object perfect for slicing. Its thin blade allows trouble free slicing of oranges, tomatoes and other soft fruits or vegetables.  

 20 cm cook’s knife 

This 20 cm cook’s knife is extremely needed by chefs and perfect everyday cooks. Not only does it make chopping and slicing easy for the cook, it also permits a precise cutting of large meat chunks. 

Stainless Steel Block 

Basically, stainless steel is an iron alloy. It does not stain with water unlike other steels, neither does it rust or corrode readily. The best part about using this steel is that it has low or high temperature resistance and can be fabricated with ease. It is hygienic yet with an appealing appearance. This durable, low maintenance material is ideal for long term and daily use. 

Now, that you have an idea about the types of knives, make sure you get your hands on the ultimate Global knife set provided by the mega boutique. This way, you can get your work done efficiently in no time.  


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